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8 Tips for Working With Blockchain Startups

blockchain startup tips
The blockchain industry is growing rampantly with startups popping up every day that cover everything from copyright for artists to food transportation to banking and everything in between. AngelList alone has nearly 1100 listed blockchain startups with an average valuation of $4.5 million.   Many of these startups are working with freelance talent around the globe, and freelancers are still trying...

9 Tips for Getting Paid in Bitcoin

hand giving bitcoin
When you’re used to getting paid in USD or some other fiat currency, making the switch to bitcoin can seem daunting at first. However, working for bitcoin can also be rewarding. Offering to take bitcoin payments as a freelancer can open up new project opportunities such as participation in bounty campaigns and other facets of tokensales.   An added benefit...

10 Tips for Writing a Blockchain Whitepaper

blockchain whitepaper
Whitepapers form the backbone of blockchain marketing operations. They offer readers a clear view of what the project is about, where it is headed, and how the team intends to develop the technology. Writing technical documentation is a clear challenge even for some of the most seasoned writers, but this statement rings doubly true in an industry this new....

Top 8 Places to Network in the Blockchain and Crypto Industry

Blockchain networking
  “It’s who you know,” the old adage of business goes, and it’s true for the blockchain industry just as any other. However, with so many blockchain experts--from developers to marketers and everything in between--working from their own homes as freelancers, networking can prove difficult for those looking to enter the field. Unless you live in a major city, it’s...

Top 7 Bio Writing Tips for Blockchain Professionals

Blockchain freelancer bio writing tips
The dreaded bio. This tiny little block of text has held power over even the most experienced of freelancers, paralyzing us with fear--too many choices, all requiring introspection, all putting our proverbial necks on the chopping blocks of judgment by our future clients. This fear pushes many of us to veer on the side of safe professionalism. "I've done...

Top 45 Hashtags to Use in Blockchain and Crypto (Plus 42 Top Influencers)

Top Twitter Hashtags
Hashtags are an important ingredient to any good Twitter marketing strategy, a fact that is perhaps more important in the blockchain world than in most other niches.   Since Twitter is a major networking platform for the tech-savvy blockchain community, following certain conventions such as proper hashtagging has become an expectation.   Hashtags help tweets gain exposure by expressing the topic...

Is a Fee Justified on a Service Marketplace?

Should you pay a fee? If you can consult / freelance and sell your services (or products) on a decentralised platform and pay zero transaction fees, why would you pay a fee on a platform like Moneo? In this blog, we’ll explain the benefits of using centralised platforms, and give an insight into how Moneo’s marketing strategy will help you get...

Getting Started with Bitcoin

So, you've heard of Bitcoin, right? It's the future!  Whether you want to freelance on Moneo, or hire freelancers on Moneo, using Bitcoin is really easy. Here's a Quick Introduction What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is global internet money. It's digital and can be sent anywhere in the world in minutes. You can save it, spend it, or exchange it to your...

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