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Use Cases to Propel Blockchain into New Industries

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  An Overview   A Horizontal Perspective Blockchain first entered the financial industry though bitcoin. Since then it has taken the whole financial industry by surprise. It is not a coincidence that many financial institutions are investing heavily in this new technology, it is eating their market share at a rapid rate. But the journey has only begun. Blockchain is slowly...

Blockchain 101: A Developer’s Perspective

blockchain 101
Thought leaders of our 21st century have called the blockchain the greatest invention of the last 200 years. We will examine the “whys” of such a powerful claim and move on to understanding the structure and the DNA of a blockchain.   A Quick Introduction Disrupting Trust Blockchain is how you eliminate the need for a ‘trusted third party’. It doesn’t matter...

9 In-Demand Blockchain Jobs Startups Are Hiring For Now

in demand blockchain jobs - interview startup
As bitcoin prices continue to rise, blockchain and cryptocurrency are catching the eyes of many as worthwhile industries to get involved in. As project demands grow, current talent pools struggle to keep up with the influx of job offers.   With so many opportunities in blockchain, freelancers and other professionals are encouraged to integrate blockchain into their pre-existing skills to...

5 Unexpected Industries Influenced by Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain has been making ripples in the world, and its claim to fame has been in finance. Blockchain technology is the force behind cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin which recently hit over $6k per coin. Banks and governments all over the world have been fascinated by the potential of decentralization.   Banking, insurance, and cryptocurrencies are but a small part of...

5 Blockchain Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn to Stay in the Loop

blockchain linkedin
With blockchain professionals scattered all over the globe, social media is a primary way to network with others in this niche. Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all have troves of experts who are happy to discuss projects. In fact, these all made it into our list of the Top 8 Places to Network in Blockchain.   Since LinkedIn is...

9 Tips for Applying to Freelance Blockchain Jobs

blockchain freelance job
With new blockchain projects cropping up every day, it can be intimidating to apply for freelance work. What if the project isn’t a good fit? What if I don’t have the right skills or enough experience? Can they afford my rates? All of these are common questions, but involving yourself in blockchain work is a direct doorway to even...

8 Tips for Working With Blockchain Startups

blockchain startup tips
The blockchain industry is growing rampantly with startups popping up every day that cover everything from copyright for artists to food transportation to banking and everything in between. AngelList alone has nearly 1100 listed blockchain startups with an average valuation of $4.5 million.   Many of these startups are working with freelance talent around the globe, and freelancers are still trying...

9 Tips for Getting Paid in Bitcoin

hand giving bitcoin
When you’re used to getting paid in USD or some other fiat currency, making the switch to bitcoin can seem daunting at first. However, working for bitcoin can also be rewarding. Offering to take bitcoin payments as a freelancer can open up new project opportunities such as participation in bounty campaigns and other facets of tokensales.   An added benefit...

10 Tips for Writing a Blockchain Whitepaper

blockchain whitepaper
Whitepapers form the backbone of blockchain marketing operations. They offer readers a clear view of what the project is about, where it is headed, and how the team intends to develop the technology. Writing technical documentation is a clear challenge even for some of the most seasoned writers, but this statement rings doubly true in an industry this new....

Top 8 Places to Network in the Blockchain and Crypto Industry

Blockchain networking
  “It’s who you know,” the old adage of business goes, and it’s true for the blockchain industry just as any other. However, with so many blockchain experts--from developers to marketers and everything in between--working from their own homes as freelancers, networking can prove difficult for those looking to enter the field. Unless you live in a major city, it’s...

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